SEE what happened when these lingerie models DIDN’T get the airbrush treatment

by Ursula Dewey

Published on January 20,

“OMG what is that?!” we hear you cry. A mole? A tummy crease? A curve? Who fired the airbrushes? American Eagle that’s who. Lovely US lingerie brand American Eagle had the crazy idea to show what real women’s bodies look like in their underwear. And the results are pretty empowering. Their latest campaign says no to supermodels and to retouching their photos. Finally a lingerie brand that’s presenting an honest image of the female form.

If seeing one more Victoria’s Secret Angel looking toned within an inch of her bones is enough to send you over the edge, then feast your eyes on these American Eagles. The US lingerie brand has bucked the trend for transform-shrink-blend airbrushing and has launched a campaign that’s free from Photoshopping.

Their new Aerie Real campaign is a game changer where tattoos, beauty spots and life size limbs are all left in – as nature intended.

Style expert Jenny Altman said to GMA, “What you see is what you get with our campaign.”

The aim of the campaign is to encourage their young customers to embrace their own natural beauty rather than feel pressured to conform to unattainable ideals.

The line is aimed at 15-21 year olds so the girls in the campaign have to reflect the kind of body shapes and physical diversity of their customers.

Their website is right on message too with banners saying “Time to get real. Time to think real. No supermodels. No retouching. Because the real you is sexy.”

As their Facebook post says, “There’s no reason to retouch beauty.”


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